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“NINE MILLION $ spent on giveaways, SUPER PROFITABLY!”

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This is How You Get 300% Cheaper Traffic, Get Massive Visibility And Increase Profits In 2023...

Struggling to sell online profitably? Well, here’s some big news…
Now you can get INSTANT ACCESS to the exact steps you’ll ever need to beat everyone else selling online:

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The Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet

The "Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet" is your PERFECT SHORTCUT to generating more customers and revenue online, FASTER and more PROFITABLY.

Why? Because it gives you the exact steps I use to get my high-paying clients from 0 to millions. Including my (usually secret) list of all tools so you can get set up and running TODAY. 

Yes, you got it!

It's the biggest time saver, ever. See… without this Cheatsheet you’d typically need weeks or months(!) to understand what it takes to make giveaways work in the best way.

Even better though? If you use the Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet, YOU CAN BE SURE IT WORKS. No need to worry if something converts. You are standing on the shoulders of marketing giants if you use these templates.

Waste no time though. I am testing different price points here and if you see the cheatsheet for under $100 you got extremely lucky. Others have paid over $1,000 for this knowledge!

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Curious About What You'll Get?

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"When I hired Van we were doing $4M a year in revenue. With him as our chief marketing officer Van took us from $4M a year to $30M a year in just a few short years.
Aside from his vast knowledge and experience in marketing, Van injects energy and excitement into whatever group or project he’s a part of.
He’s a phenomenal leader and genuinely good person. I will always try my best to get Van involved in all of my future projects because he will make it 10x better just by being a part of it."

-- Josh Stuart aka Red Beard, Diesel Brothers

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"Van Oakes reigns supreme as the King of Giveaways, delivering unparalleled success to those who implement his system. A true master of online marketing, Van's commitment to helping others achieve their goals is unmatched. I cannot recommend him enough!"

-- Philipp Schoeffmann, Host of the biggest online marketing conferences Ad World and Affiliate World

“After Spending Millions On Testing What Works, I Let You STEAL My Best Giveaway Setup..."

If you want to win a Macbook Pro and blow your brand up, then pay close attention because im going to tell you how I’ve used giveaways to grow 8 figure brands...

What’s up, my name is Van Oakes, and i've given away over $9,000,000 in cash and prizes, and made a ton of profit doing it!

Have your paid marketing campaigns fallen flat?

Maybe it isn’t the platforms, maybe its your marketing angle.

Did you know that companies running giveaways see 3x cheaper traffic? Now you do, and I am going to give you my full giveaway checklist on how to run a giveaway from start to finish.

Id usually sell this for $1000 dollars, but you get a ridiculously low price because of a test i’m running today, and because I'm preparing for a huge launch.

The best part: If you get this TODAY you’re also getting entered to win a MacBook Pro! Yes, instead of spending 1k on this golden nugget, you’ll get my “Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet” for just $7, AND you may even WIN a FREE a MacBook pro.. How about that?

My guarantee is simple - you don't love it and I don't provide the value you think you're paying for, ill refund you what you paid. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The ”Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet" Reveals My Million-Dollar Setup
...For $7!

So ...what are you waiting for?

If you want to finally slash your online marketing costs and see the process I personally use for 8-figure success, Click the link below and ill see you inside.


It Only Takes One Click...

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  • Follow The Steps Listed 
  • Start Seeing Unseen Online Success With Giveaways

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The Complete "Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet" (Exclusive Access)

You get exclusive access to my private (usually never shared) list of the exact steps and setup I use to generate millions (highly profitably) with giveaways. 

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My guarantee is simple.

Get access to everything I offer here today and try it for yourself. If you don’t see an immediate return on your investment just let me know. I'll gladly refund your money. 

No questions asked. Thats how convinced I am that you will love it. 

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for our MacBook PRO Giveaway!

Get the $7 cheatsheet today and you also get 7 entries for our Mac Book PRO giveaway. 

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I will not tell you what it is but I'll give you a hint...
This is exclusive access to me personally + my systems usually only available to extremely selected private clients who pay up to $5,000 (and more) per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are We Doing This? 

You'll get unlimited access to the cheatsheet, instantly. It lists the steps to take and the tools I use. I even name the agencies I use in case you want to work with the best in the game. 

Simply click on one of the buttons on this page to go through the checkout. You'll receive an email to our private community platform where you find the link to the sheet and additional resources

What Are The Requirements? 

Internet access and a computer. 

When Is This Available?

If I was you I'd get this immediately. This page is part of a pricing test and expires when the timer hits zero.

Once you've got the cheatsheet it's all yours to keep and use forever.

What's The Investment?

$7. That's it. :)

The reason is simple: I know that if you get this cheatsheet you will love it and be more successful. This helps me create real impact in the world. But also, you may want to get more of what I offer in the future. Win - win!

Meet Van Oakes

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Van is an International Expert in the Performance Marketing Space. Van has built multiple 6-8 figure businesses and exited 2 of them. Most Notably Van Helped scale Diesel Power Gear, featured on Discovery channels hit TV show “Diesel Brothers”, from $4M to $30M in Revenue in 2020.
Van is an international speaker at marketing events all over the world since 2018, where he trains thousands on cutting edge advertising techniques moving forward. In 2019 Van was awarded the “snapchat star of the year” award for his work on their platform.
Currently Van is involved in multiple direct to consumer brands, is the founder and CEO of GOAT Giveaways, and sits on numerous boards for his expertise in online marketing. 

Regular Price: $197

Get The "Ultimate Giveaway Cheatsheet"
Now For Only $7!

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This is a pricing test, special discount ends soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Van Oakes


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